Neels Sound Engineering

Neels Sound Engineering revolves around passion and professional quality. We listen closely to the musician and enhance their own emotions in their music. Every musician is unique and that is evident in the finished product. There is an attention to detail for which we work hard to achieve. In the studio we take the necessary time to bring out the best in the artist and the music. During live performances we do our utmost to assure that the sound is perfectly matched to the atmosphere, whilst still remaining true to the artists’ wishes.

We have gained experience by working, not only with national artists, but also with international artists and producers. Our business ethic is that everything revolves around quality and that every artist deserves the attention and, most importantly, the time to achieve the perfect sound. We provide and deliver comfort for both artist and audience.

Alongside the possibility to record in our studio and to acquire our services for live performances, it is also possible to book artists through Neels Sound Engineering.